Sacred Activism

"Sacred activism challenges us to make a choice 
at every moment, to decide for life, for solidarity 
and for trust despite the temptation of an 
overwhelming field of fear, greed and hatred."
(Martin Winniecki*)

"But what good does that do for those drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, for those starving in the heat, for those dying in the war?"

These questions are important. And they can lead into feeling completely helpless.
It's not either or. We need actions and we need a shift of consciousness. If we change how we feel and think, the world will change too. But for us impatient skeptics and result-oriented doers that is difficult and it will take a while before we trust that changing our minds could change our world.

How do we act in a world in which we see ourselves as fellow cells of a larger organism? Then how can we be against something or someone that is part of the same breathing system where everything depends on each other? How do we then behave towards our fellow creatures?
We proclaim to use the experience of Interbeing not as a romantic theory but as a radical guideline for our lives. We behave differently in everyday life, in conversations and with nature when we feel this connection. Maybe just a little bit. But this is where it starts. And spreads. Colors off. Becomes culture. 
We must dare to turn something as inconceivable but mountain-moving as love into a political force.

Peace by Peace.

"How can we not be angry with us humans causing such chaos? We will not overcome the big crisis we are in by thinking."
(Heike Pourian) 

"We can heal a system not sentimentally but functionally with love."

Benjamin von Mendelsohn

"Love is sacred. It´s more than a feeling, it´s a state of being."

Dieter Duhm

"Peace is the unconditional, mutual acceptance of humans, that trust each other because they have perceived each other."

 Dieter Duhm

"Think, act and talk in a way that creates peace inside of you."

 Peace Pilgrim